Wacky Wednesday

It is already Wednesday again!  I can’t believe it.  Time is flying by each day with this short week!  Luckily the kids are out for school so there is no rush to get homework done each night and more time to spend hanging out with them and having some fun.  Playing monopoly and Life, two games I have not played in years.

Tonight after the kids were in bed, I organized the linen closets in every restroom.  There are large towels, hand towels and wash clothes in each as well as spare blankets.  I managed to refold every single towel into a “roll” and pile them up like mini pyramids on the shelves.  Just having things neatly folded makes the closet look more organized than the mis-match of towels being folded by myself, some by my children, and some by my husband.  We all fold them a different way so when they are on the shelves none of them lineup.  It is not that it is unorganized it is just not as neat as I like it.

Anyways, I feel much better to have refolded the towels and I have organized closets for my next guests to arrive.  Now off to go do homework…the organizing must be a way for me to procrastinate on getting my homework done.


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