Free Time

Holidays are always nice when you are able to enjoy them without having to go into your day job and work.  For me this “free time” away from work allows me to do some catch-up cleaning around the house.  Getting the house in order from top to bottom, starting with restrooms, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors and then organizing cabinets or drawers.  The “junk drawer” is the worst, I have a habit of loading things into this drawer to hide them for a short period of time and then it ends up being in the drawer for multiple days (some times weeks) before I am able to put the items away where they actually belong.  After all of this cleaning and organizing inside I was able to plant some trees that I received free from my sister, they actually came from the Arbor Day Foundation.  It was a great way to spend some time with my children and enjoy some fresh air outside.  Once I put the shovels back into the garage, I began organizing the garage and putting items back into the places where they belong.  For the most part my family is very good about putting things back where they got them from and this makes it easier to keep the place neat and orderly.  If you do not have the garage organized my tip would be to invest in the garage organizers for your shovels, brooms and rakes to get them out of the way.  Next would be to get bike rack hooks so the bikes can be hung up and moved out of the walk ways and away from the cars.

That is all for today, enjoy and get organized.


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