Manic Monday!

Welcome back from the weekend.  No house work for me, hopefully none for you.

Today, after I got home from work at 5pm, I organized my kitchen cabinets and removed a lot of housewares that I have not used in over two years.  Extra cups that accumulated from Newk’s, one of the best restaurants in town, and children’s 99 cent cups that have become the new birthday party goodie bag.  There is more but I am actually embarrassed that I allowed my cabinets get so full of items that barely get used.  I collected three large garbage bags full of kitchen items and made a trip to goodwill to donate the items.

This week is also my children’s last week of school so they have been bringing home every item they have accumulated through the school year and leaving it on my kitchen counter.  For some it would be ok to leave it sitting on the kitchen counter until the weekend, not in my house.  I went through every item and threw away most of it!  I do not need 10 pictures that my daughter drew in art class not do I need the one’s that my son drew.  We kept one picture from each of their packets and let all the others go to the trash (recycled bin of course).  If you let these items build up on the counter you will gather too much clutter and it will begin to look like you “junk drawer” instead of your kitchen counter.  Before it piles up, get rid of what you can and save the other items that you can part with.  The items that you save should not be left on the counter!

The worst day of the week is almost over!!  Looking forward to Tuesday!!


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