Throw Away Thursdays

Hi!  It is Thursday and for me this means trash day as well as general clean up around the house.  Every now and then I even have a chance to collect old toys and clothes and make a bag for goodwill when I am cleaning up.

Since trash day is on Thursdays for me it is the best time to go around the house and collect all the trash from bathrooms, kitchen, etc. and get it to the outside trash cans. I usually check the fridge for any left overs that need to be thrown out, a quick sweep through the to make sure everything is still fresh in the fridge and a wipe down with a paper towel to clean up the inside and wipe down the fridge door and handles.

In the bathrooms I take a bottle of Clorox wipes and wipe down the sinks and toilets, throw the wipe into the trash and then replace the trash bag.  Super easy way to knock out two chores at once and it freshens up the restrooms until you get around to the full cleaning.

When I am not overloaded with homework on Thursdays I will do a run through the kids clothes and toys to see if there is anything that can go to goodwill or passed on to my siblings with kids.  It is not a routine every Thursday habit because my kids would end up with no toys and very little clothing especially once I get on a roll collecting items!

That is it for today.  Looking forward to Friday, until then…

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs


2 thoughts on “Throw Away Thursdays

  1. Love how simple you make it all sound!!!
    Think I will try the bathroom wipe down on trash day until I have TIME to clean it throughly.
    Thanks for the tips!!!!


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