Hump Day = Laundry Day

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It is hump day, so that means you can get rid of the hump of laundry piling up in the basket.  Wednesday is the perfect day for laundry since you and your family have now gone through a couple days worth of clothing and you have enough to make one large load (if you are like me and don’t sort lights and darks) or you can sort your lights and darks and knock out two loads of laundry.

Start a load when you get home from work and get dinner cooking.  Normally you will have time to cook dinner and eat before the washer is ready to be switched over to the dryer.  If you have a second load start it immediately after you move the first load to the dryer.  You can do homework, get the family cleaned up, catch a few minutes of TV and then it will be time for the first load to be taken out of the dryer and make it to a place where it can be folded, as soon as it is taken out!  Do not walk away until it is folded and put away where it belongs.  Once the second load of laundry is complete, fold it right away.  I make my children take their pile of clothes upstairs with them when they are heading to bed and they put it away themselves.

Yes, you still need to do the dishes today and everyday….

Have a great hump day!


One thought on “Hump Day = Laundry Day

  1. I do laundry twice a week and YES Wednesday is one of them. Since I am OCD like yourself I do start the load, and then switch right away. Fold right when I take out.
    Don’t want to ADD ironing to my to-do list 🙃


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