Let’s Get Organized!

Hi Everyone!  I am Laura and I am starting this blog to help you get yourself and family organized with real life examples of how I am able to keep my home (and office, and car and…) tidy and organized.  If you are getting the slightest idea that I might have a case of OCD you are right, however, I am self-diagnosed and believe that my entire family is just as OCD as I am about being clean and organized!

This blog will show you that at home, school, the office or anywhere it is possible to be clean and organized and still keep your super busy day running smoothly.  Each day I will write a short blog about how you can be organized and tips to help you get it done quickly and maintain it, even with 100 hundred other things on your plate that need to get completed.

Today, will be a short topic on how to keep your house tidy every day with doing the basic chore of dishes so you will never seen a full sink of dirty dishes again!

–Empty the sink before you go to sleep each night! This sounds hard but it is really just a training exercise for you and your family.  When you get home from a busy day of work, do you want to do dishes?  No, and neither does anybody else.  Put your dirty coffee mug in the sink, check kids school folders, cook dinner, go to kids extra-curricular activities, get showered and clean for the evening.  Once you have all your other evening tasks done, then make it a habit to go into the kitchen and just knock out the dishes, if the dishwasher is clean put the dishes away, if dirty then load it up.  You will feel so much relief knowing that you can wake up in the morning and not have any dishes to do before work!  And if the kids eat breakfast at home it is a simple rinse and load into the dishwasher task when they are finished.

That is it for today – I hope you will go to sleep with a clean sink and plans to get clean and organized again tomorrow!



7 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized!

  1. Great blog, Laura! I actually wash dishes before I go to sleep and like a clean kitchen as well. Washing dishes is easy and we do not have a dish washer. So you’re right it is better to have them washed up before the next day. However, when it comes to my room I am not organized.


  2. This is very helpful to start creating that behavior in the evening. Once it becomes habit then I won’t think about getting it done because its routine at that point.


  3. Love the idea of a clean sink in the AM!!!! I know I don’t like a sink full when I wake up…. just puts me in a bad mood. No one wants a angry mother in the morning!!!
    Thanks for being OCD like myself!
    Happy organizing!!!!!


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