Wacky Wednesday

It is already Wednesday again!  I can’t believe it.  Time is flying by each day with this short week!  Luckily the kids are out for school so there is no rush to get homework done each night and more time to spend hanging out with them and having some fun.  Playing monopoly and Life, two games I have not played in years.

Tonight after the kids were in bed, I organized the linen closets in every restroom.  There are large towels, hand towels and wash clothes in each as well as spare blankets.  I managed to refold every single towel into a “roll” and pile them up like mini pyramids on the shelves.  Just having things neatly folded makes the closet look more organized than the mis-match of towels being folded by myself, some by my children, and some by my husband.  We all fold them a different way so when they are on the shelves none of them lineup.  It is not that it is unorganized it is just not as neat as I like it.

Anyways, I feel much better to have refolded the towels and I have organized closets for my next guests to arrive.  Now off to go do homework…the organizing must be a way for me to procrastinate on getting my homework done.


Free Time

Holidays are always nice when you are able to enjoy them without having to go into your day job and work.  For me this “free time” away from work allows me to do some catch-up cleaning around the house.  Getting the house in order from top to bottom, starting with restrooms, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors and then organizing cabinets or drawers.  The “junk drawer” is the worst, I have a habit of loading things into this drawer to hide them for a short period of time and then it ends up being in the drawer for multiple days (some times weeks) before I am able to put the items away where they actually belong.  After all of this cleaning and organizing inside I was able to plant some trees that I received free from my sister, they actually came from the Arbor Day Foundation.  It was a great way to spend some time with my children and enjoy some fresh air outside.  Once I put the shovels back into the garage, I began organizing the garage and putting items back into the places where they belong.  For the most part my family is very good about putting things back where they got them from and this makes it easier to keep the place neat and orderly.  If you do not have the garage organized my tip would be to invest in the garage organizers for your shovels, brooms and rakes to get them out of the way.  Next would be to get bike rack hooks so the bikes can be hung up and moved out of the walk ways and away from the cars.

That is all for today, enjoy and get organized.

Manic Monday!

Welcome back from the weekend.  No house work for me, hopefully none for you.

Today, after I got home from work at 5pm, I organized my kitchen cabinets and removed a lot of housewares that I have not used in over two years.  Extra cups that accumulated from Newk’s, one of the best restaurants in town, and children’s 99 cent cups that have become the new birthday party goodie bag.  There is more but I am actually embarrassed that I allowed my cabinets get so full of items that barely get used.  I collected three large garbage bags full of kitchen items and made a trip to goodwill to donate the items.

This week is also my children’s last week of school so they have been bringing home every item they have accumulated through the school year and leaving it on my kitchen counter.  For some it would be ok to leave it sitting on the kitchen counter until the weekend, not in my house.  I went through every item and threw away most of it!  I do not need 10 pictures that my daughter drew in art class not do I need the one’s that my son drew.  We kept one picture from each of their packets and let all the others go to the trash (recycled bin of course).  If you let these items build up on the counter you will gather too much clutter and it will begin to look like you “junk drawer” instead of your kitchen counter.  Before it piles up, get rid of what you can and save the other items that you can part with.  The items that you save should not be left on the counter!

The worst day of the week is almost over!!  Looking forward to Tuesday!!

Throw Away Thursdays

Hi!  It is Thursday and for me this means trash day as well as general clean up around the house.  Every now and then I even have a chance to collect old toys and clothes and make a bag for goodwill when I am cleaning up.

Since trash day is on Thursdays for me it is the best time to go around the house and collect all the trash from bathrooms, kitchen, etc. and get it to the outside trash cans. I usually check the fridge for any left overs that need to be thrown out, a quick sweep through the to make sure everything is still fresh in the fridge and a wipe down with a paper towel to clean up the inside and wipe down the fridge door and handles.

In the bathrooms I take a bottle of Clorox wipes and wipe down the sinks and toilets, throw the wipe into the trash and then replace the trash bag.  Super easy way to knock out two chores at once and it freshens up the restrooms until you get around to the full cleaning.

When I am not overloaded with homework on Thursdays I will do a run through the kids clothes and toys to see if there is anything that can go to goodwill or passed on to my siblings with kids.  It is not a routine every Thursday habit because my kids would end up with no toys and very little clothing especially once I get on a roll collecting items!

That is it for today.  Looking forward to Friday, until then…

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs

Hump Day = Laundry Day

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It is hump day, so that means you can get rid of the hump of laundry piling up in the basket.  Wednesday is the perfect day for laundry since you and your family have now gone through a couple days worth of clothing and you have enough to make one large load (if you are like me and don’t sort lights and darks) or you can sort your lights and darks and knock out two loads of laundry.

Start a load when you get home from work and get dinner cooking.  Normally you will have time to cook dinner and eat before the washer is ready to be switched over to the dryer.  If you have a second load start it immediately after you move the first load to the dryer.  You can do homework, get the family cleaned up, catch a few minutes of TV and then it will be time for the first load to be taken out of the dryer and make it to a place where it can be folded, as soon as it is taken out!  Do not walk away until it is folded and put away where it belongs.  Once the second load of laundry is complete, fold it right away.  I make my children take their pile of clothes upstairs with them when they are heading to bed and they put it away themselves.

Yes, you still need to do the dishes today and everyday….

Have a great hump day!

Let’s Get Organized!

Hi Everyone!  I am Laura and I am starting this blog to help you get yourself and family organized with real life examples of how I am able to keep my home (and office, and car and…) tidy and organized.  If you are getting the slightest idea that I might have a case of OCD you are right, however, I am self-diagnosed and believe that my entire family is just as OCD as I am about being clean and organized!

This blog will show you that at home, school, the office or anywhere it is possible to be clean and organized and still keep your super busy day running smoothly.  Each day I will write a short blog about how you can be organized and tips to help you get it done quickly and maintain it, even with 100 hundred other things on your plate that need to get completed.

Today, will be a short topic on how to keep your house tidy every day with doing the basic chore of dishes so you will never seen a full sink of dirty dishes again!

–Empty the sink before you go to sleep each night! This sounds hard but it is really just a training exercise for you and your family.  When you get home from a busy day of work, do you want to do dishes?  No, and neither does anybody else.  Put your dirty coffee mug in the sink, check kids school folders, cook dinner, go to kids extra-curricular activities, get showered and clean for the evening.  Once you have all your other evening tasks done, then make it a habit to go into the kitchen and just knock out the dishes, if the dishwasher is clean put the dishes away, if dirty then load it up.  You will feel so much relief knowing that you can wake up in the morning and not have any dishes to do before work!  And if the kids eat breakfast at home it is a simple rinse and load into the dishwasher task when they are finished.

That is it for today – I hope you will go to sleep with a clean sink and plans to get clean and organized again tomorrow!